Jesus Pact: Blood Brothers (English Edition)

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At the dawn of time, God made an agreement with man, saying; What is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. Not long after, the agreement was broken and the world was torn apart,drowning him into a dry torment of want. Everything given to man ,was delivered into the hands of a destructive and clever enemy for thousands of years. God manifested himself in humble flesh and blood, but with thunderous authority, took back the power and reestablish the Pact and agreement. Jesus Pact is the Pact.The covenant beyond all the primitive pacts.This book is not about making contract with clever demons,on the contrary,it is a covenant with the master himself .

What you will learn in this book.

-You will descover the origins of all Pacts.
-Principles of what you must do and what you must not.
-Secret to separate the two knowledge in your mind and become invincible as the ancient warriors of the bible.
-Examples and principles of the primitives and of the three most powerful pacts known in the world, to get you started.
-Samples of the pact in action by great warriors to motivate you.
-How to safely enter the pact with confidence and certainty with Jesus christ.
-Secrets of his dynamic knowledge and power to guide you today and anytime.
-Walk confidently with a secret knowledge of your oneness with Jesus and his whole heaven.

Become a blood brother or a blood sister of Jesus christ today.Whether … the world or life or death, or things present or things to come—all are yours.(1 Corinthians 3:22) Only choose and ask whatever you desire.He is well informed about you and your desire in this Pact.

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Jesus Pact: Blood Brothers (English Edition)

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