Jesus Opens a Taco Truck (English Edition)

Martial Arts

Summary: Sitting on the right hand of God can get boring. Jesus leaves Heaven against his father's wishes. Wanting a delicious taco, Jesus find none satisfactory. He decides to open his own Taco Truck. But beware, when Jesus comes to earth the devil isn't far behind. What does Jesus do when his taco treats began turning his customers into grotesque demons? Jesus better clean his mess up before his Father gets home from work!

Adventure like a water slide playing with your body like a young boy and his itchy balls, scratching them with the intensity of a puppy chasing a tennis ball across the floor of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory where all the delicious goodness and melting chocolate fills your stomach better than a warm turd in a babies diaper creating a hot temper like Van Damme at the end of his movie performing a spinning jump kick to the face of evil.

Q&A with Bridget
Why don’t you tell us a little about what you write.

Well, my name is Bridget Chase and as you already know I’m a writer. What you might not know is that I consider myself an artist first and foremost. Words are merely my medium for expressing views of both the world I live and about art and fiction itself. I believe fiction to be a sad state of affairs currently. Most readers expect to pay less for a book than they do toilet paper to wipe their asses.

I write art and in so doing believe what I am making to be lets say a fine dessert. My stories are for pleasure but not just a means to burn through a certain word count as seems to be the goal of some readers. It is meant to be enjoyed slowly savoring its combination of ingredients celebrating a intoxicating confection.

I like to write short stories that aren’t the typical chapter books that line the shelves where creativity dies. I am always laughing and find a lot of humor in the world. 80’s action movies to me are comedy. I love terrible low budget movies from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Martial art films are the best if you want great laughs and horror… horror is always hysterical. I pull pop culture from TV, movies and celebrities that span many decades. I guess I take all these pop culture trivia and knowledge that has been injected into my mind and let it flow out in weird mashups, of parody satire and action humor. My stories are like vending machine candy of delicious fun and silly writing.

Although Bizarro Fiction has elements that can be seen in my stories it is still not a satisfying match for me. So I will assert that my genre of writing is called Himbi. Himbi is a word of my own creation and means to live in the present moment, pulling the total amount of pleasure found there. My art, my writing is Himbi Fiction. You might be confused until you read a few of my stories and then I think you will understand.

How are your short stories unique?

Like I said before my stories are blended pop culture that I bend and twist it into strange mutations of the original plot lines to movies and tv. I weave celebrities and world together into new and funny mashups. It is all very bizarre but super funny. They hold some real drama, action, horror, generous helping of sex and move really fast in unpredictable ways. You will find martial art, next to sex in a land of horror, with actors playing roles they never played to the story line of your favorite movie with parallels to another movie that you never thought held any connection.

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Jesus Opens a Taco Truck (English Edition)

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