Jazz Chords & Progressions: For "Serious" Guitarists Only (English Edition)


This is a guitar chord book for aspiring guitarists, not only in the jazz genre but any genre. The chords in this book are all movable chord forms and most are in root position. This book
does not include simple/poor voicings for ease of playing, but rather includes only good, solid,
practical voicings that may require some work to execute. The first voicing in each group will
be the best sounding and/or most commonly used for general application. Memorizing the first
two or three voicings in each group would be a solid foundation for jazz comping, soloing, and
big band playing. The latter voicings are more unusual and best used for chord solos or other
specific applications, not rhythm playing.
There are no pure major or minor chords in this book as it is assumed by the author that anyone
using this book will already have that basic knowledge and is seeking to build on that

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Jazz Chords & Progressions: For "Serious" Guitarists Only (English Edition)

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