JAPANESE EMPIRE: The Rise And Fall Of The Empire Of Japan (English Edition)

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[The introduction ]

"Great imperial Japan", its speed, its death rate also, there is less than one hundred years. It is popular to the Meiji restoration in 1868 as a starting point, like comets that appeared on the stage, suddenly appeared at the end of the 19th century in the east, is scratched by European and American powers repeatedly colonial aggression and hung over east Asia heavy night, emit bright light, to the destruction of all nationalities in Oriental countries, bring hope. The lofty ideals of east Asian countries, people of all nationalities, and in addition to marvel at the rapid rise of the Japanese are more full range according to Japan, to make the country, the nation can revive, take off like Japan. However, the invasion of Japanese imperialism, undeceived Japan learn from eastern countries. Become the "world class", "five major world powers, one of the three powers" emerging the empire of Japan, not only interacting with the western powers, bullying oppressed Oriental smaller neighbours, and more so than its, yue’s "Oriental overlord" position, had cooked up and thrown from Asia, Australia and the Pacific islands of colonial empires to the arrogance of the "greater east Asia co-prosperity sphere" scheme, its aggression ruined the east Asia, southeast Asia, more on the run with German and Italian fascists bully in the world, once upon a time, his arrogance I, ballooning "great imperial Japan", under the blow of the world anti-fascist forces, finally in August 1945, the rapid collapse of destruction, "like comets disappeared again.

"Great imperial Japan" is how to rise, what is the historical process of destruction. If can with the Chinese are compared, and some control and summarise rise and fall of the Japanese empire historical experiences and lessons, will be more strengthen book academic value and realistic significance.

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JAPANESE EMPIRE: The Rise And Fall Of The Empire Of Japan (English Edition)

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