It's You, Book One (English Edition)


From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery comes her first duo of paranormal romances!

the most beautiful boy in the world kissed me.
I’ve never been able to forget.
Perhaps it was his jet-black hair,
or the changing copper-color of his eyes,
the intense way he looked at me…
or the fact that he awakened my passion for the first time,
at once otherworldly yet heartbreakingly real.
But after that kiss, I never saw him again.

His name was Jack Beauloup.
Jack, my “Beautiful Wolf.”

Twenty years passed. He has returned. For me.

"I have read several of Katy’s Contemporary Romances in the past but this is her first venture into the world of paranormal. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. But I’m here to tell you that if you ever decide to read one single paranormal romance, you absolutely have to make sure it’s this one. This book is amazing!" – Carol, Goodreads Addict

"I was consumed and addicted to this story, the characters, the writing… EVERYTHING!" – 4TLoReading Blog

"Wow Wow Wow. I am soooo not a paranormal reader. I honestly never thought I would like it, but I must tell you Katy Regnery has totally converted me with It's You. You DO NOT need to be a PNR reader to love this book. If you are a fan all encompassing love and soulmates this one is for you. I became addicted as soon as I started reading. I hung on every word." – The Divas Book Lounge

"Katy's writing is like a drug to me. Combined with a unique storyline – you will be addicted to this drug too my friend." – AC Book Blog

"Katy Regnery KILLED this story". It is unpredictable. It is angsty. It is SO DAMNED romantic, it is steeped in well researched lore and it BLEW my MIND." – Words We Love By

"It is unique, intriguing, romantic, and completely enthralling. She made me believe that the impossible is possible." – Reviews by Tammy & Kim

"This is actually the most swoon-worthy PNR book I've ever read!" – Sejla, Goodreads Reviewer

"The story captivated me, captured me and consumed to me…I was in a trance. Every single page was filled with passion and sensuality that was just perfection." – The Romantic Angel Blog

""It's You" isn't quite as dramatic as "Romeo and Juliet" but … it's close. "It's You" is wonderfully fleshed out, action packed, and chock full of Romance." – Lightning City Book Reviews

"It's You (Book 1) has all the passion and heartache of Twilight on steroids." – Nancy Reads

"I was completely sucked in." – Bookgasms Book Blog

"I have said multiple times that I don't read PNR, but after reading this one, I can't wait to explore more!! I have been seeing everyone saying it was a magical book, and after reading it, I can 100% agree with this summation. It was enchanting. There is no getting around it." – The Book Bee

"Not only is the book paranormal, but it also has an all encompassing romance that lasts always and forever. Pure love/soulmates." – Ever and Ever Sight Book Blog

"This is without a doubt, NOT your momma's paranormal/shifter story. It was emotional and heartfelt. I could feel every bit of their emotions" – Abibiliophobia Anonymous Book Reviews

"OMG! I haven't read a paranormal romance in a good long while and I can't say that I've read one that was better than this!" – Two Girls With Books

"Move over Jacob Black, there's a new shifter in town and his name is Jack Beauloup." – Tanya, I heart books

"I love the world that Ms. Regnery has created. It’s lush, vibrant and has so much depth that it feels real. The backstories and histories are well crafted as are the supporting cast of characters. The secondary storylines are well woven into the main story arc and I can’t wait to see how they all play out." – Book-N-Wine

"A definite One-Click Buy!" – Behind Closed Doors Book Review

"Holy shit. This was outstanding." – BF Bookies

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It's You, Book One (English Edition)

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