INTERRAIL: a guide for a great time (English Edition)



Interrail, a guide for a great time

Like the name says that is what it is all about! Having a great time. This book covers every single topic and question to make sure you have it!
The book is written by two long-time friends who after traveling to many places in the most different ways decided to share their experience. Full of tips, tricks and personal stories told in a very friendly language. All these so you can save as much money as possible, to make your trip on a budget or to be able to spend it on what you wish.
It won´t tell you where to go or what to do in each city. Instead, it will give you the tools needed to create the unique and personalized trip you always desired! And so that you can live it your own way. So, if you are a first time traveler, or you are planning an Interrail/Eurail, or even just preparing a trip around Europe on a budget, this is the book for you! Here you will find everything you need, from what to take to energy management. A full first part of the book is dedicated to preparation and planning of the trip, while the second one covers all the decisions you may have to take during the trip. So yes, it’s not a book to be read just once, but to be with you during your entire journey, to help anytime you need.
This will be the best trip of your life!

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INTERRAIL: a guide for a great time (English Edition)

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