In Name Only (English Edition)


Now that she’s no longer reeling from the sudden death of her husband, Nettie Blake longs for a fresh start. A chance to rid her home county of a drug ring encourages this horse breeder and teacher to step into the familiar role of a wife, but in name only.
Jed Thompson, an undercover agent, isn’t about to let a huge drug ring slip through the DEA’s fingers again, even if it means entering into a marriage of convenience as a last-ditch effort to discover the ring leader and the leak in the sheriff’s department.
Neither Jed nor Nettie is prepared to deal with the sparks that ignite between them. But Jed harbors a secret that takes precedence over everything in his life.
When the drug ring leader is locked away and extensive arrests are made, Jed moves on to his next assignment. Nettie is devastated at Jed’s departure. But Nettie is harboring a secret of her own, which could ruin any chance of a future with Jed.

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In Name Only (English Edition)

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