If I Were The Governors: I Tell The Truth To The Prime Minister (English Edition)


In addition to the boom of civilization in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places to see in China, there is another Chinese is native to China.

Farmers' production and living conditions in rural areas in China, before liberation has improved a lot, this is for sure. But revenue growth is slow, insufficient agricultural input, which derived from natural disasters, environmental protection, vag, high crime rates, such problems as insufficient domestic demand. If you don't solve the problem of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, is bound to affect the country's social development and stability.

Solve the three rural problems concerning China's deep political and economic system, is a systems engineering, and don't count on time. The first step to solve the problem: to national treatment to farmers, to farmers in the most basic rights. They are doing their civic duty, should enjoy civil rights, but it has yet to do it. Some people say that farmers actually become second-class citizens of that society. This claim is not exact, but reflect the part of the real, is remarkable.

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If I Were The Governors: I Tell The Truth To The Prime Minister (English Edition)

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