If Eric Ran The World! Our Money System (English Edition)


This is an easy-to-understand look at how our economy works and a 3-step process to fix the economy.
If we understand the numbers we will be Making America Great Again!
What affects everyone? It's the economy.
What has the biggest effect on the economy? Debt!
A simple and unique 3 step process to completely fix our economy.
This 3 step process will create jobs, completely eliminate the debt, stimulate the economy, and makes sure the economy never collapses again.
If you truly want America to be great, you need to understand the numbers and how our economy works.

About Me
I've always had an opinions on how I think things should work. I believe I've come up with several great ideas that the world eventually caught on to. I've never gotten the credit for any of these ideas because I didn't really act on them.
Thomas Edison says an idea is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.
Or as said by Nike “JUST DO IT.”
I've been talking to anybody that will listen about our economy. It drives my wife totally crazy to listen to me because she has heard it over and over and over and over again. One of her favorite comments to me is “If Eric ran the world!” so that's the title of this book.
In 2008 with the down turn of the economy, I was having trouble making my mortgage. I called the bank and asked them if there was anything I could do. Their response to me was, ‘We cannot do anything to help you until you have missed 3 payments.’ So on their advice I missed 3 payments on my home. What I was told would happen next, never did. After going through six attempted loan modifications over the last 8 years I realized that the bank was using some absolutely insane math to calculate the interest. The math the bank used would make me pay back about 5 times what I borrowed, causing them to receive huge profits if I took their advice. I started asking myself ‘Are they doing this to everybody?’ and ‘What is the long-term effect of the charging of interest on a loan?’
For the last 6 years or so I've been studying the banking system trying to understand the flow of money. Finding the numbers and looking at the effects of the banking business, and what it will do to our economy. I now believe that the banking system is stealing America from the people through the charging of interest. I don't believe we have ever been informed of the long-term results of what interest can do to our economy and the country. I believe that the banks understand numbers, and they know exactly what they're doing.
While learning about our economy, the money system, and the way it all works, I found myself completely stunned that we gave away our money system to a privately owned for-profit banking system that is called the Federal Reserve. Why are we paying a privately owned business rent in the form of interest to use our money? It's America's money system and it’s here to be used by us. They have done a horrible job of managing our money to take care of the people, and are more interested in managing our money to take care of themselves.
I believe that government and big-business has its hands way too deep into our system.
I am regularly looking for ways to make our country more about the People. I am a great believer in ‘By the People, for the People and of the People.’
I believe that no one should think it is right to manipulate the government to get their way or to make a profit.
I think that when we go and vote that it is our job to ensure that we vote in a manner that allows every individual to live to their unique and personal version of happiness.

My Question is a Simple One
My question is: Can we pay off our debt?

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If Eric Ran The World! Our Money System (English Edition)

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