I Dreamed of God Book Three (English Edition)

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Religiöse Belletristik

Part science fiction, part futurism, part war epic, part love story, part crime saga, all of which are encompassed by a larger unifying story containing prophetic Biblical foreshadowing. With this the plot explores a future that no Christian theologian or writer up to this time has considered. Not only does the narrative delve deeply into the coming global dementia of evil but it then goes on to explore the world of the far future beyond the wars of the apocalypse. A completely new realization of the Biblical end time’s prophecy that will startle and bring into question everything you have heard or read about the last days while remaining Biblically accurate. You will find the story violent, obscene and brutally honest while also being tender, ironic and pin-point accurate with its assessment of, “this is where we are going.” So rich in details each book comes with a dictionary of terms and concepts to make the complex story more easily understood. Filled with deep Biblical truth, it will explain how we are even now laying the foundation for a future world that will be as deserving of destruction as the civilization of Noah’s time and as evil as the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. For the mature reader only.

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I Dreamed of God Book Three (English Edition)

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