Humor Setup (English Edition)


– "Like a Rolling Stone" of Bob Dylan is a kiss-off song like none before or since." – Bob Dylan – "Literature" is written material that, 100 years after the death of the author, is forced upon high school students." – Tom Clancy – "Look here," I said, "people like to collect disasters."." – Agatha Christie – "Look into thy heart and write!" is good advice, but not if interpreted to mean, "Look nowhere else!" The poet should know his world and, so far as his art is concerned, any kind of battering from his world is better than his own self-indulgent brooding." – Harriet Monroe – "Lord bless you!" said Mr. Omer, resuming his pipe, "a man must take the fat with the lean; that's what he must make up his mind to, in this life. "." – Charles Dickens

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Humor Setup (English Edition)

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