How to make it in Your SFI Business with Pictures (English Edition)

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How to Make it in Your SFI Business is a book that solves the GREATEST PAIN ISSUE of SFI AFFILIATES who are struggling to either understand the system or do NOT know how to work the system or generate sales and earn.
It is also to solve the MAJOR Problem of Affiliates in how to generate sales in the business and in generating sales and recruits on the social media.
These and many are being discussed at length in the book showing you the following:
1. Why SFI is the real deal. This will help you to be totally committed to your SFI Business forever.
2. How to work the WHOLE SYSTEM for your profiting
3. The Power of Learning the System. People do not know the intake they have UNTIL THEY BEGIN TO LEARN THE SYSTEM. Learning the system shows you WHERE THE MONEY IS.
4. The way to market your SFI Business creating effective advert and recruits/sales for you.
5. How to Sell thus increasing your commission.
6. The 8 Steps on how to make it in your SFI business.
7. How to win auctions for as low as 2TC. won my 3 auctions with as low as 1TC-5TC.
8. Know the auctions to place your bids most to win and at a cheaper price too.
9. What to do to earn without investment. These are practical steps i used that helped me requalify and earned without investment for 4 months straight
10. How to get returns on your investment. SFI has made it possible for us in the system.
11. How to make cash out every week
12. How to generate sales and recruits on the social media without spamming and lots more.
when i shared just a fraction of these with my fellow country men, my nation jumped from Number 5 worldwide to number 3. Most Nigerian Affiliates today are successful.
Just checking the growth tab and the forum and seeing the success of my brethren made me know that it is time to help my SFI Family as a whole.
for the impact i am able to make in my Nation: Nigeria i give the glory to God.
And to this effect, i hear the same cry for help at the forum by other affiliates thus my reason to share what i have learnt and handled to my success. .My nation is contributing more into the forum, getting support stars

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How to make it in Your SFI Business with Pictures (English Edition)

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