How To Get All The New Patients You Want Without Spending Any Additional Money!: How to Get All the New, Qualified, Ideal Patients You Want – Without Advertising (English Edition)

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This “Single Problem, Single Solution” book was created for those hard-working chiropractors, the ones who dedicate themselves to excellence but who, due to varying circumstances, they aren’t where they saw themselves at this stage of their careers.

We have served the Chiropractic community for nearly twenty-one years. In the last few years, many Chiropractors have told us how frustrated they are, and that for many of them making a living is becoming more and more of a challenge. Several doctors have told us the economy isn’t helping, insurance continues to irritate, government over-reach continues to exasperate, etc.

Sadly we can’t eliminate the government interference or the economy, but we can show doctors how to improve and build up their practices, and strengthen their status as trusted “go-to” healers because of their genuine concern for their patients.

Like all of our other published books and magazine articles, we aim to teach you how the most successful doctors in the country overcame the same challenges you face and attained success with their brand.

This book does not contain a series of graphs, diagrams, and unproven theories concocted from someone’s imagination which—like a greenhouse orchid—only work if the circumstances are ideal.

Every single one of these strategies and techniques has been implemented and field-tested by successful medical practice owners. What you will be getting is advice backed by decades of experience and proven talent!

We will show you:

* How to build credibility & authority positioning.

* How to stand out from competition.

* How to attract a steady stream of referrals.

* Get more speaking opportunities

This specific strategy was given its full due (as well as several other proven practice growth tactics) in our book “The Power Position Secrets of the Top 1% Chiropractors.”

Though the principles are the same, this edition goes into a lot more detail. As you read through this book, you will learn the history of how we arrived at and developed our program. We have shared the story many times, and we find that it explains the wisdom and soundness of this time-proven approach like nothing else!

Recently, the publisher of a national Chiropractic Publication (for whom we write) told us that our expertise is “quite wide-ranging.” At the risk of sounding immodest, we have to admit that we do have a lot experience improving on the mainstream convention.

That's our unique selling proposition (USP): we specialize in medical practice enhancement through better and smarter marketing, and we aim to share this vital information with as many doctors as will join us.

Additionally, unlike many other practice growth methods, we don’t just present techniques and strategies and then leave DCs to their own devices and uncertainties. We are immensely committed to our audience; as such, we will gladly help any doctor who needs our experience! If you wish, we will take you by the hand and walk side-by-side with you as we aid you in creating successful and duplicable strategies.

At the end of the day, the entire purpose of a One Problem, One Solution book like this one is to ask two crucial questions: “Where’s your business pain?” and “What would happen if we didn’t fix it?”

Said more succinctly, all our clients have unique “Whys,” and we are committed to providing superior “Hows”! Our on-going mission is to aid doctors, and their patients, by increasing their success in their chiropractic clinics.

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How To Get All The New Patients You Want Without Spending Any Additional Money!: How to Get All the New, Qualified, Ideal Patients You Want – Without Advertising (English Edition)

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