How to Build Your Own Cafe Racer (English Edition)


Find out how to build your very own Café Racer!

This book contains a number of different tips and tricks that you can use in order to take an older motorbike and convert it into a Britbike that everyone can be impressed with. Take it anywhere on the planet and you will feel like you’re the king of the road.

You can’t deny that café racers, when put together correctly, are very attractive. They look very smooth, and they can move pretty quickly if you put the time into the engine. Even with the small amount of horsepower that they have, they look and drive better than any other rice rocket that you see on the roads today.

Don’t be intimidated by it either! Building your own bike isn’t as scary as it seems. We give you all of the instructions that you need in order to build it effectively, and with some time and patience on your end, you will be able to turn that old bike into the café racer that you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t take as much time as you’d think either – with a bit of time every day, you can get your work done in a month or so! And the fruit of your efforts will be a beautiful bike that doesn’t cost much – the best café bikes cost less than ,000 to completely finish.

Reading this book you will:
1.Gain knowledge on the foundation of these bikes
2.Understand the parts that comprise your bike
3.Find affordable tricks to get tools
4.Learn the history of Café Racers
5.Understand functions and café racing lingo
6.Most importantly learn how to build your Café Racer

What others have to say:
“I recently lost my cruiser and was looking into what bike I should get next. I heard a lot about the Café Racer and did my research. This book was a one-stop shop. It was pretty affordable compared to my cruiser and I had the pleasure of being able to build this one. I am in love with my racer!” – Alex Hernandez

“I always wanted to build a bike I just didn’t know where to start. This book is a great guideline to do just that. I successful bought, assembled, and built my own custom café racer. Very easy read and simple enough to not get lost through translation.” – Joshua Bruno

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How to Build Your Own Cafe Racer (English Edition)

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