How It’s Done: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On Proper Business Etiquette and What’s In It For You (English Edition)

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There’s no denying that, for some people, it can be awkward to be in professional social situations. But the only reason why it is awkward for these people is because they don’t know or utilize proper business etiquette. The reality is that the rules of etiquette in a business environment are different, even if slightly, from those in normal social settings.

Learning about proper business etiquette is about more than just learning how to impress a potential customer during a luncheon or presenting yourself in a positive manner to colleagues, even though both of those are excellent skills to have.

Proper business etiquette is rather about demonstrating to others that have a firm grasp on business solutions, the capabilities to make others feel comfortable around you, and the self-control to be excellent at your job. If you don’t demonstrate these things, it can cause you to lose multiple opportunities in business, or lose the trust or respect of your colleagues, your superiors, and your customers.

In this book, we will cover three basic subjects that deal with business etiquette: understanding why business etiquette is important, how to use business etiquette in specific situations (such as at a luncheon, a business meeting, through e-mails, etc.), and then why and how proper business etiquette will benefit you.

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How It’s Done: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On Proper Business Etiquette and What’s In It For You (English Edition)

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