House Of Silver (English Edition)

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– No, – Nora told, – she just very greedy, paid her for the help much, and Lesya worked the received bribe. As it dexterously brought Kapustina from under blow, having changed the cartridge! – No, – Novitsky told. – Aram has an art gallery, but it so, a hobby. Its main interests in oil business. Just Aram loves artists and helped much, exposing works of beginners is free. – No, – objected "Makarenko", – here the girl’s father, mister Prutkov, I very well know it! – No, – objected Larisk, – right there would clean up. The main thing, I do not know that it: diamonds, emeralds, rubies? – No, – objected the Ear ring, – are cracked.

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House Of Silver (English Edition)

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