Highlander Desires (English Edition)


Fingall MacAllarran never wanted to find love. As a simple man living in the Scottish Highlands village in 1411, he expected his life would revolve around caring for cattle, fishing with his best friend and his brother, and visiting with his kin for suppers from time to time.

His greatest concern was a neighbor who insisted on letting his cattle graze more and more on Fingall’s land. He hadn’t counted on Jocelyn coming into his life, forcing him to rethink the things he thought he cared about.

Before their love could bloom, a terrible war swept through Scotland, with great men forcing simple men like Fingall to take up arms against their enemies. The horrors of war hit home hard, and a deadly foe emerged from the ruins of battle.

Can Fingall and Jocelyn pick up where they left off, or will a killer’s vicious will overshadow their chance at happiness?


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Highlander Desires (English Edition)

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