High School All Over Again (Sex and save the World Book 1) (English Edition)


If you were about to die and you were giving a chance to return to your senior year in high school plus twelve more years knowing what you know now would you? What if you could have sex with any one and only you and them would know? Finally what if they let you take back information you could use to make yourself richer? Would you go? This DARK FANTASY is about a old man waiting to die who had been a Master in his after college life but a virgin in high school and college. What does he contrive to do to the girls that taunted him or ignored him?
Marsha had grown numb of his fingers, not the fact they were caressing her, but their location. At one passionate kiss Marsha felt Rory’s hand between her legs and she started to panic. She had been in such a dreamlike, almost sleep, mode that she couldn’t immediately react and felt the fingers as they went under her panties and straight into her sex. Marsha started to scream but a calming permeated her body and all she could think hopefully, “Was he going to have sex with me?”
Rory grinned down on the once uptight girl as she now squirmed on his fingers trying to get them deeper, not prevent them from entering as a few minutes before. Wanting to rip off her panties and ravish her right then, Rory slowing got himself under control knowing that doing it would upset their plans. Rory leaned down to the face of Marsha that now had a more lustful look on her face as she tried to eat his fingers with her vagina. “When I remove my fingers, you will remove all your clothes but the shoes. Be careful not to tear them or get them dirty.”

In the chapters titled The Cabin: Eighteen year old learn what to be a slave means.

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High School All Over Again (Sex and save the World Book 1) (English Edition)

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