Gumnil's Deception: The Tol Chronicles, Book 3

Science Fiction

The reluctant goblin demigod Sir Tol of Sebacea is hot on the trail of an elusive criminal who somehow managed to compromise the most secure facility on the planet – a trail that leads to…well, let's just say unexpected places.

Meanwhile, his sister-in-law, the Tragacanthan Royal Consort, is uncovering the tangled, sinister threads of a 900-year-old crime spree, the solution to which will change the face of society forever.

Stir in a megalomaniac mage who has discovered a heinous means to immortality, and the stage is set for the kind of slapdashery only N'plork can provide.

Robert G. Ferrell is an author of a wide variety of odds and ends who lives with his wife and approximately three cats in rural Wilson County, Texas. Robert's writing has brought broad acclaim. He was a finalist for the Robert Benchley Society Humor Writing Award in 2011 and a semifinalist in 2012. Robert has been published in three humor anthologies: My Funny Valentine, My Funny Major Medical, and Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales. His recent novella, Theopraxis, was a finalist in the 2012 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

When not writing, Robert can be found engaged in Ham radio, playing/recording music, reproducing Medieval calligraphy and illumination, or doing the gob-smack in his pool.

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Gumnil's Deception: The Tol Chronicles, Book 3

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