Guided Heart: Morocco (English Edition)

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Coming out of an unhealthy relationship, New Yorker Joe Cooper finds himself on a private tour of exotic Morocco as a parting gift from his ex-lover. Though not quite prepared, Joe still ventures on by himself with his holiday, paired with an eye-catching local man named Sam as his guide, who appears to be as straight and conservative as possible. Despite being charmed by his guide’s enthusiasm and swarthy good looks, Joe tries to focus on the beautiful country around him, which is filled with incredible history and a friendly, vibrant culture.

The more time they spend together, the more Joe and Sam notice each other. Whether trekking among Roman ruins or through scenic valleys and half-lit alleys of colorful old markets, each place suggests and entices romantic opportunity. But such encounters are not allowed in this culture. The situation remains restrained, until Joe and Sam, becoming fast friends, find themselves alone in a tented camp in the Sahara.

Love can develop in all situations, regardless of, and even in spite of, the circumstances. Come meet Joe and Sam and follow their adventures across Morocco and find out if they can make their love last longer than Joe’s vacation, and overcome the distance of an ocean and beliefs which may keep them apart.

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Guided Heart: Morocco (English Edition)

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