Greatest & Famous DRUM FILLS, Licks & Solo's (Greatest & Famous Drum Beats, Fills & Solos Ever Book 2) (English Edition)


Learn how to play 238 of the worlds Most Famous & Popular Drum Fills, Breaks, Licks and Solos, performed by the biggest names in drumming.

Never before has there been a LARGER collection of Famous Drum Fills taught anywhere else before.

This unique and extensive 258 PAGE book is an Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Guide revealing how to play 100's of the worlds COOLEST fills from over 180 Songs!

Just think of all the legendary drum licks available at YOUR finger tips!

A powerful resource that drummers like yourself can use to vastly expand your drumming vocabulary, dip in and out of when you want to learn your favourite licks, or just simply want something new and FUN to practice.

This book will give you YEARS of drumming ideas and inspiration!


* 238 Famous & Popular Drum Fills!
* 188 Classic Songs!
* 96 Drumming Legends!
* 258 Pages of Lessons!

Each individual drum fill features its own specific Drum Lesson teaching you not only WHAT to play, but HOW to play it too. Each lesson also includes extra notation, suggestions and practice tips where required.

Check out just SOME of the songs found in this book below. doesn't allow enough space to even list them all!..

1. Achilles Last Stand
2. Africa
3. Aja
4. All Right Now
5. All The Small Things
6. Always
7. Angels Of Death
8. Apocalypse Please
9. Assassin
10. Avon
11. Baba O'Riley
12. Back In The USSR
13. Bargain
14. Basket Case
15. Behind Blue Eyes
16. Black Dog
17. Black Night
18. Blaze Of Glory
19. Blinded in Chains
20. Blood On The Ground
21. Blue Monday
22. Born To Be Wild
23. Brick House
24. Bullet In Your Head Rage
25. Bullet The Blue Sky
26. Cars
27. Chameleon
28. China Girl
29. Chuck E's In Love
30. Come Together
31. Dani California
32. Dark Eternal Night, The
33. Davidian
34. Day In The Life, A
35. Dazed And Confused
36. Diamonds and Pearls
37. Digital Bath
38. Digital Man
39. Don't Ask Me Why
40. Don't Look Back In Anger
41. Don't Speak
42. Don't You Forget About Me
43. Drive In Drive Out
44. Drop Dead Legs
45. Drum Also Waltzes, The
46. Duality
47. Dyer Mak'er
48. Every Breath You Take
49. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
50. Exit Music For A Film
51. Fat Bottom Girls
52. Fear Of A Broken Planet
53. Final Countdown
54. Fire
55. Fireball
56. First Date
57. Firth Of Fifth
58. Fool In The Rain
59. For Whom The Bell Tolls
60. Forgotten
61. Get Off My Cloud
62. Gimme All Your Lovin'
63. Give It Away
64. Good Old Music
65. Good Times Bad Times
66. Goodbye
67. Grudge, The
68. Head Over Heels
69. Heart Of The Sunrise
70. Heir Apparent
71. Helicopter
72. Hella Good
73. Hey Joe
74. Hey Jude
75. Highway Star
76. Hocus Pocus
77. Hold The Line
78. Honky Tonk Woman
79. Honour Thy Father
80. In Bloom
81. In The Air Tonight
82. Instant Karma
83. Invisible Man, The
84. Iron Man
85. It's The End Of The World
86. It's The Same Old Song
87. Jack & Diane
88. Jamie's Cryin'
89. Jammin'
90. Josie
91. Judith
92. Just Like Starting Over
93. Kashmir
94. La Grange
95. La Villa Strangiato
96. Learn To Fly
97. The Lemon Song
98. Little Lies
99. Little Wing
100. Living On A Prayer
101. London Calling
102. Lounge Fly
103. Love
104. Man In A Suitcase
105. Manic Depression
106. Metalingus
107. Minerva
108. Misty Mountain Hop
109. Misunderstood
110. Moby Dick
111. Money For Nothing
112. Murder By Numbers
113. My Generation
114. My Own Summer
115. Neon Moonlight
116. Never Enough
117. Next Year
118. Nightmare
119. No One Knows
120. No Quarter
121. Of Wolf And Man
122. One More Red Nightmare
123. Open Secrets
124. Painkiller
125. Paint It Black
126. Parabola
127. Passenger
128. Peaches En Regalia
129. People Of The Sun
130. Pretty Noose
131. Pretty Visitors
132. Pure and Easy
133. Quiet
134. Rain
135. Rat Salad
136. Revealing Science Of God, The
137. Rock With You
138. Root Down
139. Rosanna
140. Ruin

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Greatest & Famous DRUM FILLS, Licks & Solo's (Greatest & Famous Drum Beats, Fills & Solos Ever Book 2) (English Edition)

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  1. 5.0 von 5 Sternen
    Amazing selection of drum fills and licks, 16. März 2015
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    Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
    Rezension bezieht sich auf: Greatest & Famous DRUM FILLS, Licks & Solo's (Greatest & Famous Drum Beats, Fills & Solos Ever Book 2) (English Edition) (Kindle Edition)
    I bought already the book "Greatest drum beats and grooves of all team", which I really enjoyed. So it was obvious that I also purchased this book. And I wasn't disappointed. A wonderful selection of fills and licks of various styles, studded with tips and tricks for learning, and nice background information.
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