Gift From The Neighbors (English Edition)


The pursuing savages observed the act, and when within about six or seven hundred yards began to draw rein. Charlie Considine knew his rifle well: although not sighted for such a range, it was capable of carrying the distance when sufficiently elevated, and practice had accustomed him to long-range shots. He aimed a little above the head of the foremost rider, fired, and killed his horse. With the second barrel he wounded one of the Kafirs. At the same moment he observed that his late home was wrapped in flames, and that the cattle and sheep of Conrad Marais, which had been left in charge of Hans, were being driven off by the savages towards the mountains. This was enough. Remounting, Charlie followed his friend, and was rejoiced to find on looking back that the Kafirs had ceased their pursuit. "Strange" he said on overtaking Hans, "that they should have given in so easily." "It is not fear that influences them" returned his friend, with deeply knitted brows: "the reptiles know there is a pass before us, and they will surely try to cut us off. They know all the short cuts better than I do. Push on!"

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Gift From The Neighbors (English Edition)

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