FurryWozzled: Episode 1: The Earth Boy (English Edition)


Meet Killian, a nerdy college junior who's just been abducted by aliens. He's slowly adapting to a life on an alien planet living as a human pet for the enormous, laconic, and enigmatic aliens known only as the Furrywozzles. His new roommate Jeff was born as a human pet on the Furrywozzle home world and is taking care to show Killian the ropes. Together these two will become the first humans to explorer the Furrywozzle menagerie, a collection of alien species and civilizations that have all been captured by the oldest and most technologically advanced species in the galaxy.

This work is intended to take advantage of Digital Publishing. The FurryWozzled Series will release monthly(ish) short stories of more or less stand alone episodes of about 20 pages that adhere to a seasonal story arc, much like traditional TV shows. The series is highly influenced by, and will frequently reference, classic and modern Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Book, and Video Game culture & lore. So if you like those things this might be a series for you.

If you would like to take part in the FurryWozzled community please comment on the latest episode (or any episode for that mater) suggest future episodes, or story arc, tell me I'm a hack, link to your FurryWozzled inspired artwork, etc. If I like your comments, ideas, artwork, I'll feature it in an episode.

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FurryWozzled: Episode 1: The Earth Boy (English Edition)

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