Full-Span Precasting of High-Speed Railway Bridges (English Edition)


Medium-span prestressed-concrete bridges are the backbone of high-speed railway projects. The 113-km Beijing-Tianjin route in China includes 100 km (88%) of bridges, the 1318-km Beijing-Shanghai route includes 1140 km (86%) of bridges, the 904-km Haerbin-Dalian route includes 663 km (73%) of bridges, and the 995-km Wuhan-Guangzhou route includes 402 km (41%) of bridges. More than 35.000 spans for high-speed railway bridges have been built in China in recent years, and large investments in railway infrastructure have been made in Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan also.

Full-span precasting is a competitive construction method for large-scale railway bridge projects. It offers rapid high-quality construction with minimized labor demand and repetitive casting processes in factory-like conditions, and the spans are cast, transported and erected all year long in almost any weather conditions.

The eBook explores the organization of large-scale precasting facilities designed for just-in-time delivery of precast spans. It explains how to optimize the productivity of casting cells and rebar jigs for full-span cage prefabrication, the pros and cons of span post-tensioning vs. pre-tensioning and hybrid solutions, and the organization of the stockyard in relation to the span curing time at delivery.

Fully integrated within the Bridge Engineering eManuals © project, the eBook discusses the use of portal carriers with underbridge and span launchers fed by tire trolleys for transportation and placement of precast spans. It compares loading, kinematics, performance, productivity, structure-equipment interactions and span curing time at delivery of the two solutions, and explains how to choose the most appropriate technology in relation to the length and weight of the precast spans, the length and number of bridges to erect, the presence of tunnels and crossover embankments along the delivery routes, and the area available for the stockyard.

The Bridge Engineering eManuals © project provides exhaustive coverage of new and emerging bridge construction technology and modern construction methods for all bridge professionals looking to save time, labor and costs, reduce risk, and increase the value and quality of bridge projects through mechanized construction. The eManuals share format and print styles to be collected into customized books, are immediately downloadable in PDF format from the author’s website (www.marcorosignoli.com) and as Kindle Editions from Amazon, and deliver a unique wealth of knowledge and learning.

Extracted from the bestseller “Bridge Construction Equipment” (2013, ICE Publishing) and the second edition of “Bridge Launching” (2014, ICE Publishing), the eManuals expand the discussion from the 2-day classes of bridge launching and bridge construction technology that the author teaches for the Continuing Education Program of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and face-to-face in the offices of bridge owners, designers and constructors to provide exhaustive coverage of the topic.

The author may be reached at info@marcorosignoli.com

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Full-Span Precasting of High-Speed Railway Bridges (English Edition)

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