[Free] Christmas Holiday Special Selection vol.5 : Countdown to Christmas [Kindle Limited]


[This is a collection of previews] It’s Christmas time! This bundle offers Christmas titles with special them! Vol.5 is featuing "Countdown to Christmas"
The bundle contains Their Christmas Wish Come and Unlocking Her Innocence.

If you like them, read the whole book here: [Free] Christmas Holiday Special Selection vol.5: Countdown to Christmas [Kindle Limited]

Their Christmas Wish Come True:
Thirty-nine days until Christmas… A man knocks on the door of the Secret Santa Association, where Kirsten works. Looking somewhat sad, with eyes filled with pain, he says he’s there to help. But judging from his looks, he doesn’t seem the type to volunteer. She sends him away, saying, “All we need is fifty children’s jackets. There’s nothing else you could do right now.” And he returns with the jackets shortly after. Who is he? Did God send me a handsome and compassionate man?

Unlocking Her Innocence:
Ava was in a car accident on Christmas Day and lost her best friend. She was accused of being responsible for the crash despite her lost memory of that confusing night. After serving years of prison time, she freezes up in shock in the conference room of her new workplace. The man who controls the place is Vito, whom Ava used to admire. Vito is also the brother of her late best friend. Ava assumes he must hate her so much that he would want to kill her, not work with her. But he steals a kiss from her and asks her to plan this year’s Christmas party. What is he thinking?

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[Free] Christmas Holiday Special Selection vol.5 : Countdown to Christmas [Kindle Limited]

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