Forward Slash

Mystery & Spannung

He's posted on your wall. He's following you on Twitter. He knows where you are right now….

When Amy receives an email from her older sister, Becky, announcing that she's off travelling and 'don't try to find me', she is worried. Becky would never do such a thing on a whim.

Amy – who is recovering from an abusive relationship that has left her terrified of love – soon finds that Becky had started using online dating sites. Aided by Becky's neighbour, Gary, Amy sets about tracking down the men her sister had dated, following a trail that leads her into the darkly seductive world of Internet hook-ups. But Amy is unaware that a sadistic killer is watching – a killer who's been using the Internet to stalk, torture and kill.

Now he's got something very special planned for Amy, and she is about to find out that romance really is dead.

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Forward Slash

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One Reply to “Forward Slash”

  1. 3.0 von 5 Sternen
    Geht so, 6. August 2014
    Kim-lan Kucera (Bremen) – Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen

    Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
    Rezension bezieht sich auf: Forward Slash (Kindle Edition)
    Am Anfang war der Krimi ganz in Ordnung, konnte sogar spannend sein, aber das Ende war sehr formulaisch und voraussahbar. Deswegen war ich ziemlich entäuscht. Also für mich nur drei Sterne.
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