Fixing Mrs Philpott (English Edition)

Literarische Belletristik

Odd little Mrs Philpott drives away from Christchurch, a city shattered by earthquakes and aftershocks. She is also hoping to escape what she calls a “relationship problem” with her husband Bill. (He stays home, struggling to fix their broken house.) On a shaky road trip around Canterbury, Mrs Philpott must reconstruct her sanity, her marriage, and her very identity. With iPhone in recording mode, she receives a torrent of all-too-personal advice from an ever-growing community of friends. Further disasters test her to the limit. In a final violent confrontation, she must either prove that she is well and truly fixed, or lose everything. A fast-moving story that is comical, intimate and wise.
Profits from this ebook in December and January will be donated to the November 2016 Earthquake Appeal (New Zealand Red Cross).

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Fixing Mrs Philpott (English Edition)

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