First Command: A TIDES novella (English Edition)

Historische Romane

For fans of Sarah J Maas, Tamora Pierce and Naomi Novik, comes a new young adult seafaring fantasy adventure.

Seventeen year old lieutenant Nile Greysik’s first command was supposed to be easy – bring a captured enemy ship to port and return to the real war. Instead, from the moment she steps on deck, Nile is negotiating a distrustful crew, a hold of angry prisoners and the enigmatic Lieutenant Carley, who seems hell bent on enjoying the cruise instead of doing his job. When the enemy spots Nile’s ship, the crew’s lives suddenly hang on Nile’s decisions – but will she make the right ones and will anyone listen?

FIRST COMMAND is a prequel novella to the TIDES series, a seafaring adventure about duty, love, magic and a princess's quest to protect her kingdom on her own terms.

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First Command: A TIDES novella (English Edition)

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