Feast of the Raven

Historische Romane

In 782 AD, a beast prowls the forests of northern Germany. He is Wulfhedinn, wolf demon – scourge of the Christian Franks. He is also Gerwulf, the man, a wretched outcast and bastard of a Christian woman and pagan father.

Gerwulf emerges from the shadows to escape his demons and seek deliverance. To redeem his mortal soul, he serves the legendary Charlemagne in a savage Holy War against the pagan Saxons.

Gerwulf's quest pits him against the dark powers of a mysterious Saxon shield maiden and leads to his greatest battle – reclaiming his humanity in a dark age when beasts lurk inside all men.

And the Raven, The Eater of Souls, she soars above…hungering to feast on the blood guilt of all.

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Feast of the Raven

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