Fashionable Yearning (English Edition)


I had a feeling Brian remembered details from my life because I was special. Actually, I didn’t have a feeling at all, I just really hoped I was special. Perhaps it was my weird swimmers, the purple ones with the pink dots that made him remember me. But then I remembered he had never seen me in my swimmers.

Brooklyn is a successful and confident business woman. Self-employed as a Public Relations specialist, she has worked hard to acquire the finer things in life. She has the house, clothes, car and a dog that keeps ignoring her. All that’s missing is Brian, her tall and intelligent chiropractor.

When Brooklyn asks him to one of her work events, a fashion parade, she is overjoyed when Brian, accepts. That’s all she needs, one evening with a back drop of glitz and glamour and she knows she can make this man fall in love with her. It’s either that or wear her swimmers to her next appointment.

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Fashionable Yearning (English Edition)

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