Fall Of The Rock Girl: A Lesbian Romance (Revolving Record Book 2) (English Edition)

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It's been almost a decade since Layla Bean hit it big with her rock band Cast Party. She's gone solo, become a giant pop star, and has achieved a level of fame that most musicians can only dream of. But something's not quite right. In fact, Layla feels that something is majorly wrong.

And now, in front of her peers, the music industry, the millions of people watching live at home… the pop star life that Layla has built for herself suddenly comes crashing down. The anxiety Layla thought she had beat has returned, and she wonders if maybe the image that's been created in her name, isn't the authentic Layla Bean she's always wanted to be.

With a demanding industry pulling the strings, the paparazzi out for blood, and a realization that she's abandoned most everyone that meant something to her, will Layla make it through these trials with her sanity? Can she repair not only her friendships, but also the floundering relationship with her girlfriend Daisy? How will she go on?

It's lonely at the top, especially when it feels like everyone's against you. Will Layla discover the strength she needs to succeed? Or will this be the swan song of her whirlwind career?

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Note: This book originally had an error in which Part 2 and Part 3 of the ebook had been swapped. Part 2 should begin with "I opened my eyes and looked around the room" and Part 3 should begin with "The oversized black SUV pulled up to my house." This has been corrected in the current version on Amazon.

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Fall Of The Rock Girl: A Lesbian Romance (Revolving Record Book 2) (English Edition)

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