Exposing Utah's "Behavioral" Health System: Its Fraud and Corruption


Utah is said to have one million residents who have a diagnosed mental illness. Are those numbers accurate, or is mental health trying to make a profit at the expense of the people?

This book goes over my situation and what I've learned about Utah's "behavioral" health system. After discussing my case, I go over what they consider a mental illness, and then I discuss the treatment of those who get the diagnosis. It is a dark and scary infiltration in our society that controls even our own government.

Having taken philosophy of science, I was taught that the one field of study which is not a science is psychology. And yet despite this, our legislature makes laws giving funding to mental health and our courts trust the evaluations of those in the field. So how is it that a non-science managed to control the government?

There is a two-fold problem. One, there are those of us who do not have a mental illness, but have been falsely labeled with the disability. And two, those who rightly have the disability are not treated as equal citizens under the law and under society. After listening to my book, see if you, yourself, realize that there is a serious problem with the system. Or maybe you'll be caught in their spell, believing that I truly am mentally ill. But with one million mentally disabled persons, you are bound to know one, or know someone who does know someone with a mental illness.

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Exposing Utah's "Behavioral" Health System: Its Fraud and Corruption

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