Explaining The Difference Between Labour Economy And Behaviour Economy (English Edition)


The first part, I shall indicate evidences to give my reasons to predict knowledgeable jobs, such as online office workers, online freelance electronic book authors, online survey researcher, online business researcher etc. internet channel office jobs which will be caused popularly in the future. So, I shall indicate why employers need to concern this online job issue because nowadays employees prefer to work free time and no overtime often.

The second part, I shall indicate why employers need to concern labour ethic issue and how it can improve the absolute living standard to reduce poor occurrence. I shall indicate some developed countries, e.g. America, England etc. countries and some developing countries, e.g. China and Hong Kong. To give reasons to indicate why this countries' economy growth can not improve the low income level householders living standard in fact. Moreover, I also indicate one economy method to recommend how governments can use this policy to attempt to improve the low income level householder living of standard more accurately to assist employers to raise productivity indirectly.

The three part, this book concerns to explain why employers ought to consider the ethics to labour to judge whether how to do right decisions to keep the fairness productivity and the welfare and benefits to whose employees. I also indicate why labour ethics and productivity and even economic growth which has close relationship, so why economists and employers who need to concern ethics to labour to judge to make any social benefits of decisions. Finally, I shall give economic concepts and assumptions to let readers to judge how to do connect moral behaviour when to decide labour welfare and raising productivity. It is suitable to any economists or employers who have need to learn how to do the right behaviour to satisfy whose employees' emotion to raise productivity.

The four part, I shall indicate how behavioral economics can provide more realistic psychological foundations. This book is intended to provide an introduction to the approach and methods of behavioral economics, and to some of its major findings, application, and promising new directions.
In this part, it shall indicate how the process of behaviour economic field develops, then I shall show what methods are used to measure behavioural economy. Next, I shall indicate what the main two categories of behavioural economy are as well as I shall explain what risky and uncertain outcomes of individual behavior economic theories are as well as what behavioral game theory is. Finally, I shall explain behavioral economic principles of policy makers or decision makers as well as I shall also analyse whether behavioral economy and psychology which has close relationship. This book is suitable to any economists or policy makers or individual consumption makers or students or working people who have interest learn how to apply behavioural economy to judge to do the most reasonable or the most right economic activities in everyday life.

Finally, I shall apply above mentions to explain what the differences are between labour economy and behavioural economy clearly. This book is suitable to any students, labour or behavioural economists, employers and employees to read. I also hope you can learn more new and unique economic knowledge to assist your futher economic research in the future.

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Explaining The Difference Between Labour Economy And Behaviour Economy (English Edition)

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