Examination of the Abdominal System: Get a grasp on the deeper organs (English Edition)

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Medicine has a tendency to overcomplicate, obscure and confuse even the most intelligent of people. This book is against that. This book is not going to give detailed paragraphs that look a blur when revising at 2am in the morning. No. Instead, this book respects the concept of evidence-based practise and what better evidence is there than simple structured learning with adequate visual stimulation that ensures good retention to memory.

In this book I draw upon my own learning as an undergraduate student and explore a variety of clinically important aspects of the abdominal examination. This includes the general examination as it relates to the abdomen, the abdominal examination in its entirety (inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation) and examination of lymph nodes. In addition to this, we will explore a simple, yet effective approach to abdominal pain, ascites and hepatomegaly, splenomegaly and hepatosplenomegaly.

Since examinations require practice to perfect, this book can be downloaded and viewed on almost any device, on the go, and still be easily legible and images clearly seen.

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Examination of the Abdominal System: Get a grasp on the deeper organs (English Edition)

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