Europe by RailPass 2016: Designed for Interrail and Eurail RailPass holders (English Edition)


Europe by RailPass 2016 Edition has been completely updated and revised. Explore the whole European railway network with the RailRouter RailMaps and accompanying PDF and interactive RailPass RailMap Planning App. 

Making the decision to travel around Europe by RailPass is a really easy one .. choosing where to go and how to make the most from your expensive RailPass purchase is not so easy as there are just so many fascinating locations to choose from and with a set number of days to explore you are presented with an interesting and exciting challenge. Europe by RailPass has essential information on all the top sites including direct night trains departing from all the major cities, the top scenic routes including commentary and station stops so you can get the very most from each counties scenic routes, which stations on the network have showers and where to get your laundry done and where to find tourist offices etc.

The Kindle eBook covers 31 European countries and PDF and Interactive RailMap RailPass Planner app has additional countries including Eastern European: Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. North African: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Western Egypt. Caucasuses: Including Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

The European RailPass comes in many different permutations from a single country pass for three days or a global pass for five days or a global pass for a whole month so actually getting the very most from your railpass is all about doing a bit of planning. Basically it is a three stage process. First you investigate what is possible and decide how long you can travel for .. then you make a plan .. then you pack your backpack and head off to the nearest railway station or Airport. Although is fun to just pack and go. You will not be doing your RailPass justice and are more than likely to waste an opportunity of a life time. RailMap RailPass planner app makes planning your RailPass super fun and super easy!

This is an indispensable travel guide for anyone who is doing an Interrail or Eurail railpass whether it is for 3 days or 3 months.

What is new for 2015? The eBook content has been updated and extended to provide even more information about all the top destinations that you are most likely to visit. Instead of starting with a big long explanation of how to use RailMap the eBook now heads straight on with RailMap screenshot (perfect for mobile and tablet kindle reader zoom features) and then city and town info for all the top destinations.

Additional chapters include:

– Get the most from your Kindle eBook – How to use the Pinch and Zoom touch screen gestures to get the most from the RailMap JPG inserts.

– The Interrail Pass – what countries are included and all the different pass variations

– The Eurail Pass – what countries are included and all the different pass variations

– RailPass Rules – Night train rule is easy .. and worth knowing to get the best from your travel days.

– Understanding your ticket – you have responsibilities ..

– What trains need seat reservations – Vital info about how to find out which trains require seat reservations and how to get them in advance

– Night Trains – everything you need to know about the awesome night trains and what to expect and how to book tickets

– Timetables – what sites to use to get the best info

– Official stuff – don't get caught out! Make sure you have health insurance documents from the NHS before you leave

– How to Plan your RailPass Adventure – top tips for getting the most from your RailPass

– Interactive RailMap RailPass Planner – learn about the Planning App

– How to claim your free PDF of RailMap

Upon purchase of eBook you are entitled to free complimentary copy of RailPass RailMap PDF.

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Europe by RailPass 2016: Designed for Interrail and Eurail RailPass holders (English Edition)

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