EuKnight (VayneLine) (English Edition)



Only the holy weapon Knights, Dirx and Railith are left alive amid constant attacks from unknown enemies from the sky. The kingdom of Higarth has been peaceful and prosperous for a long time until the recent attacks that have killed the only ones capable of using the magical weapons. Dirx and Railith are sent to investigate the other kingdom as a potential source of the attacks. When they find that the idyllic mountainous kingdom is in ruins they meet the emaciated but beautiful princess. Disturbingly she tells them something they have a hard time swallowing: the holy weapons they hold are not so holy, and where the enemies invade from is a place beyond the sky.

This story is part of the new VayneLine series that explores humanity’s near future of living across the stars and under the Aelisha alien empire. The essentially background to the VL universe is that the Earth was environmentally devastated and amidst a nuclear war the Aelisha step and save us; but in return we become a subservient/proxy race of sorts in turn for being uplift and given their advanced technology. The stories blend fast-paced action with deep philosophical questions regarding time, fate, and individual will. The stories do not need to be read in order but each story ties together a larger narrative.

Visit for more information on this story, all the other stories in the VL universe. It contains information on technology, characters and concepts and many other things regarding the expansive canon. Come to the site to read some more about any stories as well as see the connections between them as well as additional information beyond just the books.

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EuKnight (VayneLine) (English Edition)

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