English Spanish Dictionary – babelpoint 2017: with British and American IPA pronunciation (English Edition)

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1. How many translations does the dictionary contain?
The dictionary contains 350,000 translations from English into Spanish.

2. Can the dictionary translate from Spanish into English?
No, the dictionary can not translate from Spanish into English. All Kindle dictionaries are unidirectional. Amazon does not allow bi-directional dictionaries, as such dictionaries would not allow a good customer experience.

3. Does babelpoint plan to publish a Spanish-English dictionary?
We are working on it. We recommend visiting Amazon regularly and searching for "babelpoint".

4. What does it mean when a word appears also in initial uppercase letter?
Many English words can also be proper names. Where a word is also a proper name, we present both versions, one in uppercase, the other in lower case.

5. How many words have phonetic transcription?
There are about 100,000 words containing the phonetic transcription at the top of the dictionary. However, the dictionary contains over 150,000 phonetic forms in the IPA Pronunciation section.

6. What does IPA pronunciation mean?
It is a standardized set of symbols to represent the sounds of human speech created by the International Phonetic Association.

7. Why is there an additional section for the IPA Pronunciation?
The pronunciation of most words at the top of the dictionary is based on British English. About 5% of the words have the American pronunciation, however we have not put an indication that indicates the type of pronunciation. The IPA Pronunciation section solves this problem by offering you geographic information on usage, or by adding additional pronunciations.

8. Why do some words in the IPA Pronunciation section have no geographical details?
Usually the existing pronunciation variant is the British variant (Received Pronunciation (RP)). We add the geographical details, once we have confirmed the American pronunciation.

9. A number in parentheses, for example (13), appears to the right of the searched word. – What is its meaning?
We have put the number of translations in parentheses when the entry has more than 3 translations. Scroll to the Smart-Lookup-window to see more translations and content.

10. What do indications such as N40, V30, ADJ21, ADV80, M6 mean?
These indications show you the use of words per frequency. N40 means that the noun is in the 40th place of the most used nouns.

11. (Comp) appears to the right of many words, what does this mean?
(comp) means that there are composite translations for that word.

12. How many words have syllabic division?
The dictionary contains about 100,000 words with syllabic division. The syllabic division is displayed with the character · for example (a·ban·doned).

13. Is it possible to download a trial version of the dictionary?
Amazon allows you to download a trial version of the dictionary, however this trial may not work correctly, because the search index in not included.

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English Spanish Dictionary – babelpoint 2017: with British and American IPA pronunciation (English Edition)

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