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    Original plot, imaginativ characters, great fun., 5. Juni 2015
    Cathy H (Germany) – Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen

    Rezension bezieht sich auf: Earthrise (Her Instruments Book 1) (English Edition) (Kindle Edition)
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    Wasn’t so sure at first, if I would like it, but about a quarter into the book I was in love with all of the main characters. I adore Hirianthial, his psychic landscape is fantastic. The Harat-Shar are great comic characters and the bird-like Bryer is fascinating. The Flitzbe is like a more advanced tribble.

    Throw in a classic run-chase-and-hide scenario with an asteroid field, and you swashbuckling space adventure is off to an entertaining ride.

    I really liked the second part of the book. The swashbuckling comes to an abrupt stop, but it gives a great additional depth to the characters of Reese and Hirianthial. The changing POV between those two is very well done and flows smoothly. The setting is a nice bit of world building as well.

    And after the nice interlude on the planet of the hedonistic furry people and lots of eyebrow action we’re back to the swashbuckling bit in part three of the book.

    I am not sure, why this book resonates so strongly with me. Perhaps if I had picked it up at another time, it could have had the potential to bore me to death. But I really liked it. The characters are vibrant and their cultural misunderstandings and differences and moral codes feel so real. I just want hug them all and join the crew for a bitchfest about the injustice of life. And then I want to ravish the Eldritch. What a fab character. I could laugh myself silly over Reese’s addiction of Eldritch romance novels.

    Fun, well-drawn characters, interesting plot, snark, humour, eyebrows. We have a winner. Onwards to the next installment.

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