E Tai Chi (The Basic Book-Chinese Edition): The World's Simplest Tai Chi (English Edition)

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E Tai Chi (Ease or Easy Tai Chi) is the world’s simplest and safest Tai Chi exercise, which is invented by Dr. Yongxin Li, a practicing physician with a Ph. D. degree in physiology. It consists of sequences of simple and gentle circular hand/arm movements performed with normal walking or standing.
E Tai Chi is unique, original, scientific, effective, and infinite! Its characteristics can be summarized by Five S’s: Simplicity, Science, Safety, Strength, and Serenity.

Simplicity. E Tai Chi is the ultimate simplest Tai Chi, which cannot be simplified any more. Besides regular standing or walking, E Tai Chi is made of only one circular hand/arm movement, which gives rise to six basic movements readily. E Tai Chi can be learned without an instructor. You can learn how to practice basic standing/walking E Tai Chi within minutes. You can master the basic level E Tai Chi sequence within an hour.

Science. E Tai Chi is an entirely brand new Tai Chi exercise system that is scientifically created for the purpose of simplicity, safety, and efficacy. E Tai Chi is the essence of Tai Chi extracted from traditional Tai Chi and maintains the beauty of Tai Chi without its shortcomings such as being difficult to learn, causing joint injuries, etc. You can execute these movements vertically, horizontally, in any circular manner, and with any combinations of vertical and horizontal performances.

Safety. The typical Tai Chi walk, the curved footwork, has been replaced by regular walking or slowed natural walking in E Tai Chi. You always face forward without making turns, squatting, or kicking. Because you walk sideways in most of the E Tai Chi postures, you can avoid over-flexion of the knees and maintain optimal knee-foot alignment. You can practice E Tai Chi safely anywhere, anytime, during normal walking, and in any position (sitting, standing, or even lying).

Strength. In the E Tai Chi sequence, most the postures involve walking sideways. E Tai Chi provides an efficient physical workout because sideways walking consumes over three times more energy than forward walking. You can tone up your muscles by performing E Tai Chi with weights on your wrists. Moreover, you may even turn E Tai Chi into an aerobic exercise if you practice it at a fast pace.

Serenity. E Tai Chi combines Tai Chi with Qigong, a Chinese style body-mind exercise. This integration will enhance the efficacy of Tai Chi exercises.

You can create your own E Tai Chi sequence by using the six basic hand movements and different ways of walking or standing. E Tai Chi relaxes your body, reduces stress, promotes physical fitness, and cultivates the sensation of feeling good. If you want to practice Tai Chi and Qigong to improve your health, then E Tai Chi is the only Tai Chi and Qigong you need for the rest of your life.

In this book, I have tried to focus on teaching how to learn E Tai Chi quickly and to perform it safely as opposed to discussing the mysterious and unscientific theories about traditional Tai Chi, Qigong, and Chinese Medicine. Also, you can learn about my views of Chinese medicine in my book (Life and Medicine, Chapter 6, Seeing Doctors in China). I use at least nine photos to illustrate each Tai Chi movement. These photos, most of which are the images extracted from the video recordings, provide detailed and genuine demonstrations of Tai Chi exercises. The e-book version also contains video recordings of all the E Tai Chi movements, postures, and complete E Tai Chi sequences.

In order to make the learning process simple and not to overwhelm the readers with numerous figures and instructions, I publish two books about E Tai Chi: the basic book and the complete book. The complete book of E Tai Chi covers the intermediate and advanced level of E Tai Chi plus all the contents in the basic book. Tai Chi beginners can read the basic book first. They can study the complete book when they have become familiar with basic E Tai Chi.

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E Tai Chi (The Basic Book-Chinese Edition): The World's Simplest Tai Chi (English Edition)

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