Double Token (English Edition)

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Here in this world of fantasy you’ll have many chances to open doors to the wonders of this world and uncover many hidden secrets.But be forewarned, there are many twists and turns on this journey so making it out with your skin intact might prove to be more of a challenge than you bargained for.

On every adventure you’ll face obstacles and find treasures here and there. Even rare artifacts and special gems could be yours for the taking, but a risk could be involved there too. A bounty on your head, unbeknownst to you, might slow you down but you don’t care. Take extra care on your quest for fame, for the dangers here are very real. Mechanical beasts and other creatures not found in our own world will try to foil you journey to discovery, Find out what happens to Niden, our young adventurer in the wild tale of Double Token.

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Double Token (English Edition)

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