Doing business in China online: The most comprehensive guide to digital marketing in China (English Edition)



Digital marketing in China is quickly becoming the central element of the overall business strategy for companies entering this rapidly growing market. What makes it particularly challenging for foreign companies is the absence of familiar digital marketing tools such as Facebook, Google, YouTube etc.

On the other hand, the presence of the local digital marketing and ecommerce ecosystem, which is relatively unknown outside of China, demands localized approach with new set of strategies.

This book covers all aspects of developing successful digital marketing programs for China – from market research to search engine marketing to mobile and social media and other marketing channels.

Chinese consumer is also becoming more sophisticated and discerning which leads to intensified competition among product makers and service providers. Local market specifics often require companies to significantly pivot their marketing strategy to adjust to the new reality.

Essentially, this is what this book is all about – how foreign companies can adapt their existing marketing practices to Chinese market and devise new effective marketing strategies that deliver real results.

The primary focus of this book on online digital marketing is due to two reasons. First, practice proves that it is the most efficient and cost effective channel in China and it is becoming increasingly so. It is also widely predicted that digital aspect of marketing will inevitably become the most important element in overall marketing strategy as people will continue moving more of their traditionally offline activities into online realm.

The second reason is the unprecedented proliferation of ecommerce in China. Chinese ecommerce market is already larger than that of US and is predicted to pass trillion mark in 2019.

This makes digital marketing a natural choice for promoting anything that can also be bought online, which, in China’s case, is pretty much everything. The ability to place a point of sale just a click away from an ad shortens the sales cycle and makes conversions much faster and easier to achieve.

This book will not only give you a solid understanding of digital marketing landscape in China but also serve as guide to develop your own marketing strategy for your business.

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Doing business in China online: The most comprehensive guide to digital marketing in China (English Edition)

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