DIY Christmas: DIY Holidays Decor Way Cooler than in a Store: (DIY Decorations, Homemade Decor) (English Edition)


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DIY Christmas

DIY Holidays Decor Way Cooler than in a Store

Welcome to the D.I.Y. Christmas Decor Way Cooler than in a Store, a D.I.Y. book designed to show you different ways you can make your own holiday cheer at, usually, far lower than the price found in stores and better looking than most commercial products. We've got some of the warmth, the family, and the budget projects needed to fill that Christmas house with holiday cheer. This book is designed to give a wide overview of different great projects you can make for relatively low cost and even less hassle.

In each section, we focus on something different than the one before it in order to try and cheer up the entire house with different projects. In the first chapter, we'll cover such things as:

  • Making a great fake snow that can be applied to nearly any decoration.
  • Take old unused hardbacks and repurposing them into great looking Christmas style ornaments.
  • How to make an oriental fire lit candle that can be used to display any design you want.

Then we'll cover two very important vital parts towards Christmas; warmth and family. In the Warmth section, we'll cover how you can make your own smokeless fire pit so that you can be warm on a cold night among other things. In the family sections, we'll provide you with some great D.I.Y's on how to turn family photos into colorful Christmas decorations that emphasize the collective family.

Then we'll cover items that you can make a lot more than one of and in this section we've included really simplistic ornaments that look great by themselves or in duplications.

Then the remainder of the book will be about other decorations, such as

  • Making a decoration specifically for those who don't like to get up early on Christmas more in hopes of getting them into the Christmas spirit too.
  • How to turn candy and craft sticks into miniature sleds everyone can enjoy.
  • How to turn acorns into a glittery decoration on your tree.

This last section is specifically made with budgeters in mind so most of the items in use will be of low cost or something that's in most houses already. With this combination, we're sure that this will be an awesome collection of D.I.Y. Christmas Decor projects.

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DIY Christmas: DIY Holidays Decor Way Cooler than in a Store: (DIY Decorations, Homemade Decor) (English Edition)

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