Divine Histories: The Southern Magi (English Edition)

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For Nolan Wylie, high school graduation was his proudest accomplishment. With his friends Henri and Emmett beside him, Nolan proudly planned to become the big fi sh in their small town of Middlecreek, Texas. As they attended their last end-of-year carnival, plans were changed. When threatened by the hollow of a vengeful soul, a ravenous birthright within Nolan is awakened from its dormancy. With his friends beside him, Nolan is taken to a world known as Deva Prime, where he learns the truth behind his inheritance. With Nolan’s return, the all powerful appetite that lies within him promises to devour all reincarnations of magic. Nolan must beg for help from the Southern Magi before his next plan requires funeral arrangements.

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Divine Histories: The Southern Magi (English Edition)

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