Destiny of the Sword: To Save Her (English Edition)



How far would you go to bring back the one you love? How much would you sacrifice? The second installment in the Destiny of the Sword series, To Save Her will put the power of love on display when Ayden must learn the secrets of an all-powerful sword to try to save the girl he loves and battle an oncoming army led by his legendary exiled father.

Picking up where the first book left off, Ayden goes on a coming-of-age quest for eternal love—to save his Isabel—and uncover the secrets of his cursed bloodline. His journey will take him far beyond the only borders he’s ever known. Strange new lands better left forgotten will challenge his purity and ultimately reveal his true self. He will discover that love leads the heart with the greatest intent but sometimes guides to an end that is sharper than the sword.

The Milak return stronger than ever to destroy mankind’s finest city and imprison the world in darkness. The age of man will be on the verge of extinction as swords and sorcery rise in battle and as gods and men collide. And Ayden will have to face his father before he can ever hope to get Isabel back.

Can they be saved from the coming end? Will true love be victorious? Will Ayden survive his journey? The fate of their world will hinge on the power of a love—and the destiny of a sword.

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Destiny of the Sword: To Save Her (English Edition)

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