Design Of Perfection (English Edition)


"I have the first-class cook of dietary dishes here, – Hitler told. – If your doctor prescribed you something special, my cook willingly will prepare it. But it is impossible to bring food with itself". "I have to call the investigator Solovyov and tell him about Karuselshchike. It is important. Children's oil. The wood at the highway. I have to call Dima urgently. To meet. To talk. Anybody, except Dima, did not trust me one and a half years ago and will not believe now. Anybody, except Dima …" "I have to protect the one who rescued me, – Tarnovich once solved. – I have to know about it everything that is possible, I have to be on the alert and always be near to help". "I have to pull out it from here, – she felt. – But how many I will spend, and… It would never be released, and anybody, except me, did not pull out it because there are no elves with magic abilities", – the girl unexpectedly understood. "I have to turn into the Jew?" – Yusef asked.

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Design Of Perfection (English Edition)

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