Demorn: Soul Fighter (The Asanti Series Book 3) (English Edition)

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Space Opera

New City. New Terror. Maximum DEMORN!


Bay City is home to the Soul Fights and a welcome respite from the War.

Demorn, exile and assassin, has journeyed across the Glass Desert to Bay City to aid an old friend. But the conflict that is tearing apart Firethorn follows her to the city. As a catastrophic comet descends upon the Bay, Demorn fights to untangle a web of conspiracies surrounding her friends and enemies alike. As she uncovers past sins from those she trusts the most, Demorn is slowly drawn into a desperate, last-ditch plan to avoid the destruction of everything, never sure where her loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, Demorn’s old friend is developing into something more…

"A vivid lead character and a crazy-brilliant core premise make this more than just another action-wracked high concept thriller. But it’s ALL THAT too!" (Chuck Dixon, writer of Batman, Bad Times series)

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Demorn: Soul Fighter (The Asanti Series Book 3) (English Edition)

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