Decoded (English Edition)


Time held no true meaning here. The sun never set, was never replaced by a night sky with other celestial bodies. This lonely little world existed all on it's own. There was no point in trying to find a different landscape, the same poles of varying lengths towering above a rocky ravine continued on for infinity in any direction. If this world were a planet, perhaps she might have crossed the same place once or twice. 
But this was no planet. This was the Inner World of a being, her master's to be precise. She sometimes caught glimpses of that being's life, little indications within her own world which told her what was happening in her master's world. The wind meant that things were not critical. The rain meant that something tragic had just happened. A storm of lightning and thunder would mean that her master was in grave danger. But there was nothing that she could do. She could only leave this world if her master called her, and her master never did. She had called out to her master, but her master never seemed to hear her, or ignored her calls if they even reached out past this empty, fragile world. 
Her shoulders stoop as the first bolt of lightning flashes in the sky, illuminating the world for a brief moment of eternity before fading back and being consumed by thunder. Her master was in danger, and she was unable to do anything. It was impossible for her to force herself out, to manifest herself in her master's world. Only her master's voice, calling out her name, could bring her out. Only then could she protect her master from the danger. She strains her hearing, in the hopes her master would even whisper her name. Her master is in danger. She needs to go and fight off the unknown evil, she needs to go protect her master.
The lightning flashes again, and thunder rumbles across the sky. The pole she sits on stands firm. She gazes down to the ravine far below. What has happened to her master now? Will her master live? The biting cold goes unnoticed as she tries to answer her own questions. When will her master finally hear her name? 
She sighs again as the lightning fails to reappear. Slowly, the rain fades away. The event has passed, and she still exists. Her master has survived again, without her help. But how much longer could such a position continue? The invisible particles forming a shield above her head dissipate, returning to their natural state. Her slightly damp clothes cling to her skin as the wind picks back up, sending cold tremors that seem to dig right down into her bones. Slowly, she rises to her feet again and gazes out at the empty blue sky. She tries again to reach out to her master, shouting her name to the nothingness. Her master will be able to hear her soon. They could not continue existing like this, her master needed to know that she was here, that she was waiting. She speaks again, her voice clear and betraying none of the concern she feels for her master, “ Hear me. I am …”

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Decoded (English Edition)

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