Death to the Witch-Queen!: A Post-Apocalyptic Western Steampunk Space Opera (The Avenjurs of Williym Blaik & the Cyborg Qilliara Across the Ruins of Space-Time Book 1) (English Edition)

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Half-mad drifter. Trigger-happy vegetarian cyborg. If the fate of the multiverse depends on these two, you can kiss your reality goodbye.

If you love action-filled space adventure but are tired of reading the same stale ‚Earth versus Alien Empire‘ story over & over, starring clones of Johnny Rico & James T. Kirk, then come explore the ruins of a doomed universe with…

Williym Blaik – He’s lived all his life in a wasteland, stealing from its tyrant the Witch-Queen Jaxitza. He doesn’t know how a hot-air balloon works. He can’t pronounce tough words like facilitated. In times of stress, he speaks to inanimate objects… and hears them talk back.

Qilliara – She’s a glitchy cyborg who takes 37 minutes to reboot. She utterly lacks a sense of humor, so when she brutally mocks you, it’s no joke. Nor is she joking when she says she’ll kill you if you lose one of her guns. In fact, she doesn’t seem to care at all whether Blaik lives or dies, which makes it doubtful he can convince her to show him this thing she calls the universe that she’s on a desperate mission to save.

Death to the Witch-Queen! is a violent, darkly comic ride through a world of mutated humans and infernal killing machines. And it’s only the start of Williym Blaik’s epic avenjurs through what remains of a multiverse shredded by unrelenting war.

Q & A!

Q: The best and most enduring SF tackles heavy themes that are relevant today, including but not limited to: the meaning of being human; sharing the universe; Earth’s future; social & class divisions; the repercussions of technological progress; never giving up against all odds; virtues like honor, duty, and loyalty. Will this series address such issues?
A: No, no, no, and no! The Avenjurs of Blaik & Qil is meant to be a fun & fast-paced series. But that’s not to say that it will not also have an epic plot that encompasses some dark elements. It is not parody or farce or even comedy, but it does not take itself too seriously… until the time comes for it.

Q: The main character’s name is Williym Blaik. There’s a famous dead artist & poet named William Blake. Is this supposed to be him?
A: This character comes from a degenerate world, and it occurred to me that his name should be a lofty literary one, but spelled as if sounded out by an illiterate. Why William Blake? His art is blisteringly cool and unlike that of his contemporaries, it has not aged a day in 200 years. His poems were great, too, even to someone like me who don’t wanna read no poetry (while understanding that the world requires poets). Blaik is named in respect, not mockery. Since we’re dealing with layers of reality here, it does amuse me to think that genetically, Williym Blaik might be an alternate-alternate-alternate William Blake.

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Death to the Witch-Queen!: A Post-Apocalyptic Western Steampunk Space Opera (The Avenjurs of Williym Blaik & the Cyborg Qilliara Across the Ruins of Space-Time Book 1) (English Edition)

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