Dead Again (The Umbra Mortis Saga Book 1) (English Edition)

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Umbra Mortis… the Shade of Death, isn't quite dead—and, yet, she’s not really alive, either. She only works for the dead.

When Umbra's life ends prematurely, she is not ready to let it go, so she makes a deal with the Death Committee: If she takes the role as a Handler to help those who are caught between life and death… if she assists them on their way back to life or forward to the light, the Death Committee will give her a new life to live.

All right!

Umbra jumps at the chance, thus agreeing to work for a year and a day guiding souls back to their bodies or through the tube to the afterlife.

There's only one problem… Umbra isn't one to follow rules, and in a place where rules are vital, she finds herself in a constant battle with doing what's right versus doing what she's told.

And even in the afterlife, all Hell can break loose.

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Dead Again (The Umbra Mortis Saga Book 1) (English Edition)

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