Corus: Chain of Quests (Life of Corus Book 2) (English Edition)


Book Two in the ‘Life of Corus’ series

With a hard-fought mastery of his perilous surroundings, Corus’s world begins to open up before him. But with a newfound conceit to match his strength and skill, the threat of a struggle hidden within may just prove his ruin.

Continuing his search for civilization and other ‘creatures of language’, Corus must first overcome a deadly trap of his own creation. New friends and newer enemies mark his journey as the harrowing education of a tiny, blue figure expands into an ever more complicated world.

Along this winding path, one particular revelation sets him on a bizarre quest built of riddles and items that will come to define his own existence and that of several others he’ll meet along the way. And as if this weren’t challenge enough… after a chance encounter with a band of thieves, the threat of their return also hangs overhead.

The second part of the ‘formation trilogy’ and the ‘complete six-part series’, Chain of Quests is filled with unique characters, scattered across a strange, yet familiar, landscape and weaves together intense action, far-flung adventure and compelling, introspective drama.

Written for a broad range of ages, men, women, boys and girls alike—featuring illustrations and alternate ‘clean covers’ without title or author text.

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Corus: Chain of Quests (Life of Corus Book 2) (English Edition)

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